Sound Waves of “Times Waves” Released!

Dive into the sound waves with this mesmerizing artwork by Timo Beckwith and Billy Clayton

Music by Billy Clayton, Arranged by Zen Mountain Poets

Billy Clayton (Rhythm Guitar)
Robyn Saxer (French Horn, Keyboard, Vocals)
Anthony Roselli (Drums)
Mike Flactiff (Percussion)
Chad Hoffman (Bass)
Talia Ortega (Flute)
Jeff Steinmann (Lead Guitar)

Recorded at Avalon Digital Recording Studios, San Luis Obispo, California.
Engineered by Kip Stork, Brian Aunger and Billy Clayton. Mixed by Billy Clayton, Mastered by Griffin Breshears

Single Cover Art by Timo Beckwith and Billy Clayton

The interlocking synergistic groove of this instrumental may create rippling sensations like waves, inspiring dance and movement, or contemplation and excitement! Featuring French Horn, Flute, Guitar, and Keyboard solos that interweave throughout the piece.

Apologies as the tracks are still being processed through Reverbnation at this time. Once they go live, they will be available for download soon thereafter! In the meantime, you can listen and subscribe/follow on YouTube/Soundcloud (and here on the website of course!):

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Until next time,

Robyn for the

Zen Mountain Poets