Exciting news about our latest album and a new (returning) band member!

Happy Springtime! Hoping you and yours are well, enjoying the fresh new growth that is emerging all around us.

We’re overjoyed to announce that Jeremy Lemen is back on bass with us! After playing with the band from its beginnings in 2014-2017 and going on 4 tours, Jeremy is adding his groove to the tunes old and new!

We just had a thrill opening for Joe Craven’s band Painted Mandolin on March 8th. Thanks to everyone who showed up, making an audience of 200! More videos coming your way soon…check out this short taken by Christopher O’Brien in the audience!

Well, we just can’t contain our excitement about our album STELLAR IGNITION! It’s really been shining on the radio airwaves nationwide, and even in Canada! Such a joy to know that people all over the country are listening to music that came from our hearts, with careful crafting, and its success has exceeded our expectations!

To be specific, 96 stations have added the album, and at this time, at least 18 of those stations have it in Heavy or Medium rotation.  We want to especially thank the following stations that have been playing our music so much!

CFBX – Kamloops BC
KEBF/KZSR – San Luis Obispo CA
KMNR – Rolla MO
WKCO – Gambier OH
WONY – Oneonta NY
WYCE – Grand Rapids MI

We made it to #10 on the Relix/Jambands.com chart, and #120 on the AMA Americana chart!  STELLAR IGNITION has been on both charts for 5 months now!

With the support of all the DJs and MDs who have chosen to honor our music in this way, our reach is growing! Giving major thanks!!

A wonderful way you can support us too is following our social media pages (https://bio.link/zenmountainpoets) and listening to our music on Spotify! We appreciate your listening most of all.

Shine on~~~


Zen Mountain Poets

We’re in the SLO New Times this week, and on the Radio and Playing Live next week!

Leap Year Greetings!

Hot off the press! 📰🗞 We’re in the SLO New Times today! 🎉Celebrating the success of Stellar Ignition and promoting our show with Joe Craven’s band Painted Mandolin next Friday March 8th at 7pm! 🎶


You can also tune in to 97.3/107.9 on Monday March 4th at 10am for a live interview with ZMP on Local Joe’s radio show! Online at www.esterobayradio.org

Hope to see you at the show! Remember, wherever on the time-space continuum you are, you can hear our music on all streaming platforms! https://bio.link/zenmountainpoets

Until soon,

Zen Mountain Poets

ZMP on the Radio and Streaming Now!

As the days get darker and shorter, we’re bringing to light our album STELLAR IGNITION across the country’s air waves! Our music is charting for the first time; the album had its debut on the Relix/Jambands.com radio chart at #18, and on the AMA (Americana) chart at #220!

We’re excited to share with you that our music is getting radio plays from New Mexico to Alaska; from Vermont to Colorado; from Oregon to Tennessee! Perhaps you’ve even heard one of our songs being played on your local radio station…

With this surge of air play, we’re sending out this reminder that you can hear our music anytime through your preferred streaming platforms! Take a moment and add us to your list of favorite artists on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, and/or YouTube Music so you can be uplifted by the ZMP vibes on demand! Your support in this way also helps us increase our online presence and therefore reach bigger audiences. We truly appreciate it!

Big Gratitude for being part of our musical journey! We’re looking forward to planning a tour to bring our music to more live audiences in 2024; let us know in the comments where you want to come see us play!

Peace & Love ❤

Zen Mountain Poets

New Album Available Now! STELLAR IGNITION

From our hearts to yours, our gift to you on Valentine’s Day is our first full length album, Stellar Ignition! Stream and Download today on your preferred streaming platform, or pick up a physical copy at SLOcal record stores and our shows! We love you!

Baywood’s Zen Mountain Poets release two new singles on ReverbNation 

Wonderful review of our singles in SLO New Times!

Baywood’s very own psychedelic neo prog folk jazz act Zen Mountain Poets recently released two new singles, “Emily’s Song” and “Mysterious,” and they want you to hear them at their ReverbNation page (@zenmountainpoets).

PSYCHEDELIC POETS Baywood’s Zen Mountain Poets recently released two new singles that are charting on ReverbNation.

“Emily’s Song” opens with multi-instrumentalist Robyn Saxer’s French horn solo before moving on to some of her sparkling keyboard work. The vocals are a lush wall of sound chorus: “Life will never be the same/ My world changed when you came/ Ooo Ooo yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah.”

This is straight out of Laurel Canyon circa 1970s, with an undeniable old-school California vibe. This revolving group of musicians features core members Saxer, guitarist Billy Clayton, multi-instrumentalist Anthony Roselli, and conga and bass player Mike Flactiff.

“Mysterious” starts with a mysterious flute solo before a mysterious chorus “woo-woos” itself out of a psychedelic ether as a bluesy guitar weaves in and out of the swirly mélange of keys and percussion. It’s triptastic! Lights out, headphones on, please! Just when you think it’s over, it keeps on spinning into light fantastic weirdness. You’ll know it’s over when you hear laughter followed by, “I’m stoned! I’m ready for a hug.”

“We’ve been on ReverbNation’s chart-topping artists of the Santa Barbara area playlist, and in the top 10 nationally and globally for the last two weeks!” the band explained via email.

The music’s also available on Spotify, Deezer, and YouTube, with other platforms to follow.

“We’ve still been holding online performances during the pandemic and look forward to when we can play live concerts again!” Saxer wrote.

Jefferson Airplane, The Doors, Fleetwood Mac, It’s a Beautiful Day, Grateful Dead, Pink Martini, Traffic, Allman Brothers, The Eagles, The Beatles, Fairport Convention, The Who—these are the Zen Mountain Poets’ inspiration. They also cover some classic blues and jazz tunes, songs by Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones, Donovan, Marshall Tucker Band, and more. Check out their new stuff!

by Glen Starkey


New Single “Questions for Gaia” released today!

If you had a conversation with the Earth, which questions would you ask? How might the Earth answer?

“Questions for Gaia” is released today across all platforms as the full moon ripens and Spring is beginning to spring into life here on the Central Coast of California! This powerful rock song is dedicated to this third rock from the sun that we call home, this planet that is incredibly spinning through space while holding and fostering life.

Some backstory:

Robyn first came up with the chord progression idea while playing around on the upright piano at one of our Speak Studio sessions. Some time later, Billy added some ideas for the music while Robyn played on the piano at the old Last Stage West. Thanks to those pianos and collaboration for the inspiration!

The lyrics and melody started coming to Robyn while driving and listening to the music after Long Dance ceremony, reflecting on our human relationship to Earth and the Gaia Hypothesis*, that the Earth and the organisms living here form consciousness and an integrated whole, planetary being. The last verse came through while sitting under a beloved live oak tree.
*(The Gaia Hypothesis was formulated by James Lovelock in the 1970s, though perhaps the concept may be ages older.)

Artwork by Billy Clayton and Timo Beckwith

“Questions for Gaia”
Lyrics by Robyn Saxer
Music by Robyn Saxer and Billy Clayton

Robyn Saxer (Vocals, Keyboard)
Billy Clayton (Rhythm Guitar)
Anthony Roselli (Drums)
Mike Flactiff (Tambourine)
Chad Hoffman (Bass)
Talia Ortega (Flute)
Jeff Steinmann (Lead Guitar)

Recorded at Avalon Digital Recording Studios, San Luis Obispo, California. Engineered by Kip Stork, Brian Aunger and Billy Clayton. Mixed by Billy Clayton, Mastered by Griffin Breshears

How can I give away in a balanced way to you,
With the many roles we play in the things we do?
How can I receive in a way that honors health,
When we know your giveaway is life itself?

Embedded in your mystery
The roots of our wild story…

Where can I listen to the message of your vibration,
Now that your body is divided into nations?
Do you hear me when I step outside the door?
Can you feel my footsteps through a concrete floor?

Witnessed in your beauty
The fruits of true reality…

Who are the beings calling your gentle breast their home?
Can we survive your fury through the fingertips we’re shown?
What is your opinion, your feeling for who we are?
Does another life-giving planet exist in distant stars?

Opened is the door, you leave
Clues across your pulsating seas…

Thank you for your support and listening to our music!

Love and gratitude,

Zen Mountain Poets

New Album “Stellar Ignition” coming on 6/21/21

As the cycle of time whirls on, we are overjoyed to release for your listening pleasure…


Our first complete album, recorded at Avalon Digital Recording Studios in San Luis Obispo, CA Chumash Territory.

Keeping with the timing of our single releases, “Stellar Ignition” will be released in waves:

:: Summer Solstice :: Monday June 21 2021 :: Ditital Online Release

:: Fall Equinox :: Wednesday September 22 2021 :: CD Release

:: Winter Solstice :: Tuesday December 21 2021 :: Vinyl Release

Visit our Reverbnation page to hear the songs first! Also available on YouTube and streaming platforms

Virtual Liner Notes

Extending our Gratitude and Appreciation to Everyone who Collaborated!

Astonishingly talented individuals dedicated countless hours of creativity to this project, bringing these songs into manifestation with brilliance! Thank you, thank you, thank you…

Brian Aunger: Recording Engineer

Timo Beckwith: Album Art

Griffin Breshears: Mastering

Billy Clayton: Producer, Recording Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Album Art

Charlotte Ellis: Cello

Mike Flactiff: Congas, Percussion

Chad Hoffmann: Bass, Double Bass, Banjo

Talia Ortega: Flute

Gillian Piper: Vocals

Anthony Roselli: Vocals, Drums, Harmonica

Robyn Saxer: Producer, Vocals, Keyboard, French Horn, Ukulele, Percussion, Melodica

Kip Stork: Recording Engineer

Jeff Steinmann: Lead Guitar

This “trailer” for our album release show was created by Anthony Roselli!

Album Release Show: Friday 6/25!

Celebrate our album release and our return to the stage this Friday! We would be honored by your presence!

It Takes a Village

We’ve been looking forward to releasing our music into the world since this band started forming 8 years ago. The loyalty and support of our friends, family, and fans continues to amaze and inspire us; thanks for sharing this journey with us!

With Radiant Love,

Zen Mountain Poets