Zen Mountain Poets

ZMP bring words and music from our hearts to your ears. Our original sounds have been identified so far as Psychedelic Neo-Prog Folk Jazz.  Welcome to our website!


Welcome! Thanks for being here, now!

We are a gathering of musicians, poets, artists, dreamers, manifesters…dedicated to expressing heartfelt original songs…

About Us

We are

“Who’s here now” and “who hears now,” traveling across time and space to share our music, sometimes in our tour bus The Dragon, and sometimes through the inter-webs of life, wireless re-wiring, the live streaming of the band inspiring through what we have to add to the collective conversation.

Our music holds a unique sound and a moving power that enriches and contemplates life, bringing awareness to our reality living on this planet.  We are fans of being alive in this marvelous universal ecosystem!

Our Story

In Spring of 2014, circa San Luis Obispo, CA, Zen Mountain Poets evolved from a jam band that was comprised of various friends and players to a dedicated band with an amazing amount of talent and creativity.  Our sound began to change from groove jams to more intricate synergistic styling as each member contributed their gifts to the overall sound and feel. We are all writers and new songs are always emerging and being cultivated; we co-create all of our arrangements.

In our midst are engineers of sound, video, electricity, and energy, a learner and “teacher” of music, showing up and adding our various skills to the mix (bus driving, carpentry, window washing, organizing, etc…).  Beyond our day jobs, our musical influences include: Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, Tool, Pink Floyd, Heart, David Bowie, The Doors, Stevie Wonder, Collective Soul, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, musical theatre, and many more…we give thanks to those musicians who have explored the ways before us.

The Dragon Awakens tour in 2016 wielded challenges (rain, snow, replacing parts, PAs in gardening carts…) and summoned joys (epic scenery, so many jams, the YEAHs, Jackson WellSprings, and of course showing up to rock out and feel the vibes growing thick at our shows!).  Through the trials and finding the trails, we realized that we could come together with laughter, love, communication, and common senses to co-create this piece of our dream of bringing our music and an entertaining show to an ever-widening audience.

We are having an incredible time playing the music we are writing, and we love to perform for our growing fan base, SLOcally and touring in The Dragon (our 1954 Greyhound bus). New music is being written constantly and we are working on a new album which we plan to release soon. Please enjoy listening to our live music and stay tuned to hear our studio works as we release them. Love you all and love to play.

Meet the Band

Members Here Now

Billy Clayton (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar)

Robyn Saxer (Vocals, Keyboards, Ukulele, Accordion)

Jeremy Lemen (Bass)

Anthony Roselli (Drums)

Suvetar Karhu (Flute/Vocals)

Luke Taylor (Lead Guitar)

You (You’re also in the band when we perform; every experience making music with and for people transforms what we do, as we follow the flow of the show…)

Members back zen

Matty Wilson (Lead Guitar)

Amaris Laurette Taylor (Vocals, Violin, Guitar)

Adam McAlexander (Lead Guitar, Mandolin)

Endang “Eru” Rukandi (Drums, Percussion, Flute)

Gerald Purify (Drums)

Katia Innis (Drums)

Billy Clayton

Billy is the wizard who has brought us all together.  His soulful, passionate lyrics are amplified through his baritone vocals, while his unique guitar style expresses a wide range of musical sounds and the threads of connection between all of us.  Not only are his original songs the foundation of our repertoire, but did you know he’s also an excellent sound engineer, bus driver, and mechanic?  A man of many talents, indeed, and many stories to tell.

Robyn Saxer

From the early days Robyn sat in with a ukulele and shaker and sang with the Poets at our first shows. Then one night she brought her keyboard to a rehearsal and began adding a whole new level to our sound. Her ability to accent the rhythms with counter rhythms, or paint the background with ethereal sounds, or step to the front with melodic solos, has expanded the rich sound that is ZMP.  Her voice is extraordinary and she can backup with harmonies or take the lead and soar. She constantly is expanding her abilities and adding them to everything we do.

Jeremy Lemen

Jeremy joined ZMP in the early days on drums and cajon and then switched to Bass and began laying down that solid bottom for all of us to stand on. We are constantly awed by his solid groove and ability to step on a foot pedal and take us to outer space with his melodic bass lines.  He’s also known as “Jammy Legends,” and is a whiz at engineering sound.


Anthony Roselli

The newest member of ZMP is Anthony Roselli, bringing sweet beats to dancing feet with his delightful drumming! A singer-songwriter and guitarist himself, he was on the lineup with us of the first “Folk n Soak” music festival at Franklin Hot Springs in 2017, and asked to play drums with us! We are so grateful for his rhythms, skills, and talents added into the mix!


We have been playing with several lead guitarists, and Samuel Boorman is bringing his gypsy jazz soul to our groove for The Dragon’s Red Dirt Tour!

We play in many formations, from duo to five piece, depending on the venue!

Where and how to find us?

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One of our favorite aspects of sharing our music is the opportunity to connect with people!  Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Billy: billy@zenmountainpoets.com

Robyn: robyn@zenmountainpoets.com