Rounding out DATour with Haikus

Monday, December 19

Klamath Falls –> Applegate, OR

Victor and Shari,

marvelous hosting us and

the bus in the field.


Dis got chance to play,

slippers and trash she frayed,

boot she took away


To Hobbit Fortress

We slowed down in Jacksonville,

did some time travel


Logistical WHOA

parking and shuttling gear

down, and under hill…


We made it happen

“but never again,” we say,

What a weird party…


Painting was finished

by children, while spliffs were smoked



The dogs were barking,

Dis was yippy and ancy,

place was cool and weird…


Good to see Dylan

a late night schlepping of gear,

sleeping in the bus

Tuesday, December 20

Oregon –> Willits, CA

Picked up hitchhiker

Robyn woke up Smith River

Epic through Humboldt


Long drive to Willits

We made it to Shenachie

Played a tight two sets


Back home through traffic

Bittersweet landing for now

The Dragon at rest.