Continuing DAtour with Haikus

Friday, December 12, 2016


The Dragon, Awake,

Slumbers in Jackson Wellsprings

We head to Grant’s Pass


Fuel filter gasket

Air leak and no pressure in

It was pretty rough


Grant’s Pass re-supply

Other cars flying by us,

Had to stop again.


Two ravens flew high,

Blessing our safe passage

Hour to work, jam, pray

The Dragon purrs when

We arrive in the mountains

Like he’s home again


Over big mountain

passes, we are flying fast

Now we are late, but


No one arrived at

Samm’s house in Corvallis ’til

We found snowy town.


We played acoustic

in the warm old house, birthday

Enjoyment to all

(drunk cat.)


{Once we got to the snowy mountain passes of Oregon, we experienced a relatively smooth ride, experienced epic scenery, played amazing shows, meeting fun folk along the way…tell you more about it next week!}