From the Dragon’s Log: More Locational Haikus

{I was inspired to write down what transpired on this tour in the form of haikus, partly because the name #zenmountainpoets  emerged through some haikus that Billy and Victor were writing while hanging out in San Diego.  Here’s the account of the next couple days}:

Wednesday, December 14: Fairfield, CA –> Ashland, OR

Soul Christmas Music

The earth quakes, some are awake

Missing piece aligned


Raining on the road

Gas station to rest station

Pulled over in Weed


Shasta energy

palpable as we journey

into the mountains


Raining in Ashland

Oberon’s is warm, friendly

Fairie folk abound


Enjoying the sound

Gordon guides us to Wellsprings

near Bear Creek Greenspace

Thursday, December 15: Ashland, OR


The Dragon’s wiring grounded

Toil and caring hands


Mechanic Billy

Anthony and Jeremy

Logistical Team


Near Jackson Wellsprings

so Amaris and Robyn

make the pilgrimage


The healing waters

Lithia and connections

Sauna, showers, yes…


{more to come…}