New Album “Stellar Ignition” coming on 6/21/21

As the cycle of time whirls on, we are overjoyed to release for your listening pleasure…


Our first complete album, recorded at Avalon Digital Recording Studios in San Luis Obispo, CA Chumash Territory.

Keeping with the timing of our single releases, “Stellar Ignition” will be released in waves:

:: Summer Solstice :: Monday June 21 2021 :: Ditital Online Release

:: Fall Equinox :: Wednesday September 22 2021 :: CD Release

:: Winter Solstice :: Tuesday December 21 2021 :: Vinyl Release

Visit our Reverbnation page to hear the songs first! Also available on YouTube and streaming platforms

Virtual Liner Notes

Extending our Gratitude and Appreciation to Everyone who Collaborated!

Astonishingly talented individuals dedicated countless hours of creativity to this project, bringing these songs into manifestation with brilliance! Thank you, thank you, thank you…

Brian Aunger: Recording Engineer

Timo Beckwith: Album Art

Griffin Breshears: Mastering

Billy Clayton: Producer, Recording Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Album Art

Charlotte Ellis: Cello

Mike Flactiff: Congas, Percussion

Chad Hoffmann: Bass, Double Bass, Banjo

Talia Ortega: Flute

Gillian Piper: Vocals

Anthony Roselli: Vocals, Drums, Harmonica

Robyn Saxer: Producer, Vocals, Keyboard, French Horn, Ukulele, Percussion, Melodica

Kip Stork: Recording Engineer

Jeff Steinmann: Lead Guitar

This “trailer” for our album release show was created by Anthony Roselli!

Album Release Show: Friday 6/25!

Celebrate our album release and our return to the stage this Friday! We would be honored by your presence!

It Takes a Village

We’ve been looking forward to releasing our music into the world since this band started forming 8 years ago. The loyalty and support of our friends, family, and fans continues to amaze and inspire us; thanks for sharing this journey with us!

With Radiant Love,

Zen Mountain Poets