From the Dragon’s Log: Robyn’s locational haikus

Monday December 12, 2016

Morro Bay –> Paso Robles

Batten the Hatches

Bus surfing is key to ride

In-synch gas station


Paso Robles –> Sebastopol

Twenty miles per hour

Jamming music brings us pow’r

Finally landed.


Tuesday December 13, 2016


Fuel pump research day

Friendly forces combine to

Help us play on time


Christmas decorates

Apple pie and coffee ate

Timmy keeps bar great!


All those little moments

Here’s to all those little moments~~

A shift of a finger,

A drift on the line,

A flutter of a wing,

A breath, divine

Reminders of the present, in time,

Re-members of the past,

All those little moments


For the possibility of this one.

Planning ahead, moment to moment,

Or reflecting on the past ones,

Why do I whine?

I’ve got to wash the dishes

So I can dine!


This is the poem that begins the blog.

An offering

A log

Given and hewn from a tree

A bone of a branch from life given freely.

Fuel for the sparks

Lighting the way through the dark.